The Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational

Lunacian’s and BEAT esports enthusiasts, welcome to the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational!

Axie Infinity fans, for those of you who do not know us, we’ve been in esports for over a decade and are true Axie Enthusiasts. Bill (co-founder of BEAT esports) is the co-founder of SerieaScholarships and an avid Axie fan. Our previous events include Dota 2, Overwatch, Path of Exile, PUBG and Quake. We’re so excited to be expanding into Lunacia and joining you all.

Event Details:

The event will take place on Oct 30th – 31st. Here are the full invites! Catch all the action on

Prize Pool:

150 AXS distributed as follows:

1st: 52 axs
2nd: 35 axs
3rd: 22 axs
4th: 15 axs
5th – 6th: 8axs
7th – 8th: 5axs


Grand finals bo7
Upper bracket bo5
Lower bracket (first two rounds) bo3
Lower bracket remaining rounds bo5

Bracket link will be posted shortly.


Scheduling / Bracket is as follows for both days:

DayMatchTime PDTTime EDTBRT/ARTTime CETTime PHSTPlayer 1Player 2
Day 1 (Oct 30)
1 (bo5)7:0010:00:0011:00:0016:00:0022:00Sebastián PozzoBlackedout
2 (bo5)8:0011:00:0012:00:0017:00:0023:00KatsuyaSleet
3 (bo5)9:0012:00:0013:00:0018:00:000:00Elahzul1437
4 (bo5)10:0013:00:0014:00:0019:00:001:00jcobsAzarian
5 (bo5)11:0014:00:0015:00:0020:00:002:00Winner Match 1Winner match 2
6 (bo5)12:0015:00:0016:00:0021:00:003:00Winner Match 3Winner match 4
Day 2 (Oct 31)
8 (bo3)7:0010:00:0011:00:0016:00:0022:00Loser of Match 1Loser of Match 2
9 (bo3)7:3010:30:0011:30:0016:30:0022:30Loser of Match 3Loser of Match 4
10 (bo3)8:0011:00:0012:00:0017:00:0023:00Loser of Match 6Winner of Match 8
11 (bo3)8:3011:30:0012:30:0017:30:0023:30Loser of Match 5Winner of match 9
WB Finals7 (bo5)9:0012:00:0013:00:0018:00:000:00Winner of Match 5Winner of Match 6
12 (bo5)10:0013:00:0014:00:0019:00:001:00Winner of match 10Winner of match 11
LB Finals13 (bo5)11:0014:00:0015:00:0020:00:002:00Winner Match 12Loser Match 7
Grand Finals14 (bo7)12:0015:00:0016:00:0021:00:003:00Winner of match 7Winner of Match 13

Casting / Talent

Our English talent will be none other than Brax and Bowie! They’re known from the Dota 2 scene and are ready to make their mark on Axie Infinity. Please give them a warm welcome :D.

Other languages casters are still being assessed. If you are interested please reach out!

We are looking for Portuguese and Spanish language casters.

Thank you and other info

We hope to expand the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational in the future. We apologize that we couldn’t invite everyone that showed interest. We want to invite more players and include open qualifiers as we get more integrated into the scene. We hope to make each iteration better than the last so thank you for the support and interest.

We’d also like to extend a quick thank you to the Axie Infinity team for their support and to Sereia Scholars for making the event possible!

Interested in being involved?

Contact us.

Make sure you follow us on our socials for the latest news as well:

Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to the date. Be on the lookout for an announcement in a few weeks!

-BEAT esports team

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