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Scheduling / Bracket is as follows for both days:

GroupMatchTime PDTTime EDTBRT/ARTTime CETTime PHSTPlayer 1Player 2
Day 1 (Oct 30)
1 (bo5)7:0010:00:0011:00:0016:00:0022:00Sebastián PozzoBlackedout
2 (bo5)8:0011:00:0012:00:0017:00:0023:00KatsuyaSleet
3 (bo5)9:0012:00:0013:00:0018:00:000:00Elahzul1437
4 (bo5)10:0013:00:0014:00:0019:00:001:00jcobsAzarian
5 (bo5)11:0014:00:0015:00:0020:00:002:00Sebastián PozzoKatsuya
6 (bo5)12:0015:00:0016:00:0021:00:003:00ElahzulLjcobs
Day 2 (Oct 31)
8 (bo3)7:0010:00:0011:00:0016:00:0022:00SleetBlackedout
9 (bo3)7:3010:30:0011:30:0016:30:0022:301437Azarian
10 (bo3)8:0011:00:0012:00:0017:00:0023:00ElahzulWinner of Match 8
11 (bo3)8:3011:30:0012:30:0017:30:0023:30KatsuyaWinner of match 9
WB Finals7 (bo5)9:0012:00:0013:00:0018:00:000:00Sebastián PozzoLjcobs
12 (bo5)10:0013:00:0014:00:0019:00:001:00Winner of match 10Winner of match 11
LB Finals13 (bo5)11:0014:00:0015:00:0020:00:002:00Winner Match 12Loser Match 7
Grand Finals14 (bo7)12:0015:00:0016:00:0021:00:003:00Winner of match 7Winner of Match 13

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