The Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational Rules


It is the objective of these regulations (the “Tournament Rules”) to provide a fair and friendly environment for players, commentators, and spectators. Players agree that Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™ management may modify or alter these Tournament Rules at any time and without notice.


2.1 Player Participation Requirements. Any individual with a valid Ronin account (“Player”) is permitted to play in tournaments governed by these Tournament Rules.

2.2 Player Participation Commitments. Players participating in tournaments governed by these Tournament Rules agree to abide by these Tournament Rules, and decisions made by the Tournament Administrator and Tournament Referees in accordance with these Tournament Rules, without limitation. Players further agree to show due respect to other Players, the Tournament Administrator, and the Tournament Referees at all times and without limitation.

3. General Guidelines

3.1 Player Check in – Players must check in 30 minutes prior to their match with a match admin.

3.2 Game start – Do not start the series until you are instructed by a tournament admin. You may challenge your opponent immediately after each match without tournament organizer direction.

3.3 Results – When the match is done, you may post the results in discord to a tournament admin.

3.4 Lateness and Penalties – Players who are more than 15 minutes late will face a penalty for the game. For each 15 minute period at the start of their series they are late, they will face a 1 game penalty. If they are more than 30 minutes late, an admin may call the match in favour of the on time player.

3.5 Pauses – A player may request up to 2 pauses that are a total length of 5 minutes per bo5. They may request this in the discord to a tournament admin between each game.

3.6 Disconnects/Server issues – In extremes circumstances where the servers are not available, the referee will stop the series and the current match will be restarted. Due to the external factors, If it is not possible to continue the series it will be rescheduled for future dates

Disconnects at the start of the match should be brought to the attention of staff admins. The match may be resumed and replayed. If a disconnect occurs in the middle of the match, it is counted as a loss for the disconnected player unless both players agree or an admin ruling is made given the circumstances.

4. Axie Rules

4.1 Axie usage – The BEAT Invitational will feature the following rulesets on axies. Each player will be allowed to bring 10 axies to the main event and ban one per series. Bans will be submitted to a tournament admin via blind ban. The admin will then announce the bans from each side in discord.

4.2 Axie list – Each player will submit a list of 10 axies they will use for the event 2 days prior to the event start. The sheet will be shared amongst all players

4.3 Axie transfers – Swapping axies during the event or to another player that who is playing in the tournament is prohibited.

4.4 Axie In game name – Please match your in game name to your discord for ease of observing.

4.5 Invitations – For ease of observing, the top bracket will invite the lower bracket player. This allows us to to observe the individual who has challenged

5. Cheating / Bugs / Match Fixing / Other

5.1 Cheats / Hacks / Bugs – Players are not permitted to use any hack, bug or glitch within the game. Should a Player employ a bug or a glitch, the series must be stopped and the referee shall decide how to proceed with the game and hand out a ruling.

5.2  Betting / Matchfixing. Players may not bet or matchfix games during the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™.  Any evidence of matchfixing in the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™  or other tournaments will result in a ban that is to be determined by the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™ management.

5.3 Collusion

There is 0 tolerance for collusion in the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational. Collusion examples include:

● Any agreement between two or more players to throw out the standard of competition in a game.

● Agreements to split prize money and or other forms of compensations

● Throwing a match or coercing someone to do so.

6. Streaming

6.1 Player spectating. Players are not allowed to stream during the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™.

6.2 Official Spectator Exception. Spectators deemed to be official spectators by the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™ management may stream the game with a 2 minute delay (default) or 5 minute delay (special circumstances). Official spectators may, upon request from Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™ management, be required to fulfil additional conditions.

6.3 Players Prohibited from Watching Streams. Players playing within a game may not watch or listen to these streams at any time during their match. Players may return to the stream AFTER their match has concluded. Players caught watching the stream for competitive advantage purposes will be banned from the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational


Players are expected to play to the best of their ability at all times within the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational, and to refrain from any behavior inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play.

7.1 Abusive behavior.

Any type of abuse against the Staff or other players will not be allowed or tolerated.

7.2. Sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is prohibited during the BEAT Invitational. Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes a person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated.

7.2. Discrimination

Players will not discriminate against individuals or groups of people in a derogatory/discriminatory manner.

7.3Axie code of conduct

Players are expected to read the Axie code of conduct for their general knowledge

8. Series Types & Winners

8.1 Series length / types.

The Axie infinity BEAT Invitational features Best of 5, Best of 7 and Best of 9 matches. The victor will be the individual who:

  • Gets first to 3 wins in a best of 5
  • Gets first to 4 wins in a best of 7
  • Gets first to 5 wins in a best of 9

Draws do not count towards wins/losses and the players must continue to play until a victor is determined.

8.2 Winner bracket advantage

For the finals, a 1 game advantage will be given to the winner from the winners bracket. There is no bracket reset for the finals.


The breaking of any of these Tournament Rules, or the willful ignoring of an order from the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™ Referee, is prohibited. Players or Teams breaking these rules shall be punished at the discretion of the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™ Referee according to this section and its subsections.

9.1 Player Violations. Should a Player violate any of these Tournament Rules from the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational™ Referee, that Player may be temporarily or permanently banned from the tournament, and/or banned from future tournaments governed by these Tournament Rules.

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