The Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational Season 2!

Lunacian’s and BEAT esports enthusiasts, welcome to the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational Season 2. Get your christmas axies ready as we have a wintery event coming right up.


Qualifiers take place on February 20th @ 1pm eastern time. Not sure of your timezone? Check here. Top 2 advance to the 6 player invite main event.

Event Details:

The event will take place on Feb 26th & 27th. Catch all the action on

The event is open to those in North & South America regions + Europe.

Prize Pool:

150 AXS distributed as follows:

1st: 52 axs
2nd: 35 axs
3rd: 22 axs
4th: 15 axs
5th – 6th: 8axs
7th – 8th: 5axs


6 invites + 2 qualifiers.

Grand finals bo9 (1 match advantage for winner)
Rest of matches are bo7
Bo5 (1st round LB)



Main Event:

The schedule is posted! Catch all the action starting on Feb 26 & 27 starting at 10 am eastern time. Full schedule posted below and on our schedule page.

GroupMatchTime PDTTime EDTBRT/ARTTime CETTime PHSTPlayer 1Player 2
Day 1 (Feb 26)
1 (bo7)7:0010:00:0012:00:0016:00:0023:00Player 1Player 2
2 (bo7)8:0011:00:0013:00:0017:00:000:00Player 3Player 4
3 (bo7)9:0012:00:0014:00:0018:00:001:00Player 5Player 6
4 (bo7)10:0013:00:0015:00:0019:00:002:00Player 7Player 8
5 (bo7)11:0014:00:0016:00:0020:00:003:00Winner Match 1Winner Match 2
6 (bo7)12:0015:00:0017:00:0021:00:004:00Winner Match 3Winner Match 4
Day 2 (Feb 27)
8 (bo5)7:0010:00:0012:00:0016:00:0023:00Loser Match 1Loser Match 2
9 (bo5)7:3010:30:0012:30:0016:30:000:00Loser Match 3Loser Match 4
10 (bo7)8:0011:00:0013:00:0017:00:001:00Winner Match 8Loser Match 6
11 (bo7)9:0012:00:0014:00:0018:00:002:00Loser Match 5Winner Match 9
WB Finals7 (bo7)10:0013:00:0015:00:0019:00:003:00Winner Match 6Winner Match 5
12 (bo7)11:0014:00:0016:00:0020:00:004:00Winner Match 10Winner Match 11
LB Finals13 (bo7)12:0015:00:0017:00:0021:00:005:00Loser Match 7Winner Match 12
Grand Finals14 (bo9)13:0016:00:0018:00:0022:00:006:00Winner Match 13Winner match 7
WB Advantage- 1 game

Casting / Talent

English Talent: Xero & Twisted ->

Portuguese: Nephraw & Tonhaca –

Tagalog: Excelsor & PandaUser ->

Spanish: roraimaesports – Twitch

Thank you and other info

We hope to expand the Axie Infinity BEAT Invitational in the future. As the esports scene in Axie Infinity grows we will run larger and larger events.

We’d also like to extend a quick thank you to the Axie Infinity team for their support and to Sereia Scholars for making the event possible!

Interested in being involved?

Contact us.

Make sure you follow us on our socials for the latest news as well:

Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to the date.

-BEAT esports team

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