Sneaky Nyx Assassins are crowned season 3 champions!

On October 5th 2014 – Sneaky Nyx Assassins were crowned Season 3 champions of the Dota 2 BEAT Invitational™. They defeated Navi.US 3-1 in our finals.

Season 3 represented a new peak for the Dota 2 BEAT Invitational™ in which 26,400 viewers tuned in concurrently to finish the season.

Here are some Key Stats for Season 3:
Channel Views (English) – 909,860
Unique viewers (English) – 389,827
Hours Watched (English) – 278,777
Peak Concurrent Viewership (4 languages) – 26,400
Daily Average Concurrent (English) – 7484

We hope to be back and stronger than ever for Season 4. We thank everyone involved with Season 3 and leave you with some tweets for this Season. Without you, there would be no us.



Player Tweets

Fan Quotes


Caster Quotes


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