Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ Season 4 Announcement!

Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ Season 4 Announcement!

Tournament Details:

The Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ returns for its 4th Season thanks to our sponsors (Soylent, AMD, Twitch, Plextor & Sennheiser) and our friends at Blizzard!

Dates: The Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ runs between May 28th & 29th

Coverage by: Andrew “ZP” Rush, &  Jason Kaplan.  Production by Alex “dashnerrr” Pylyshyn

Schedule: TBD (Being finalized). Stay tuned over at https://beat.gl/overwatch-beat-invitational-schedule/

Teams Confirmed:

Bye Week

NRG Esports

Grizzlys esports logo

Grizzlys esports

Last Nights Leftovers


EnVision eSports

No Clout

8. TBD

Prize Pool: $6,600

1. 3k

2. 1800

3. 1200

4. 600

Format: TBD


1 Hero Limit

Competitive Scoring (Draw = tiebreaker koth)

Map Draft = List

Best of 3
Lijiang Tower
King’s row
Temple of anubis

Best of 5:
Lijiang Tower
Route 66
Temple of Anubis
King’s Row

Where to watch?

EN – http://www.twitch.tv/beatesports

Other Information:
Season 1 Results – http://wiki.teamliquid.net/overwatch/BEAT_Invitational/Season_1

Season 2 Results – http://wiki.teamliquid.net/overwatch/BEAT_Invitational/Season_2

Season 3 Results – http://wiki.teamliquid.net/overwatch/BEAT_Invitational/Season_3

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