PUBG BEAT Invitational™ S3


We have some of North America’s best teams lineup for you on April 4th, 2018 at 6pm eastern time in the PUBG BEAT Invitational™ S03 presented by Soylent.

  • 16 teams for the entire tournament
  • 5 Matches – Squads FPP
  • x3 Erangel & x2 Miramar

Team List:

Tempo Storm
Fly Quest
Wildcard Gaming
Team Dare
Ghost Gaming
Team Gates
Meme Enthusiasts
Nova Esports
Space Station Gaming

More Information:

Server: NA
Prizes – $1,250 USD in prizing (top 3)
Dates / Time : April 4th –  6pm eastern time
Format: 5 matches of FPP Squad

Maps : 3x Erangel & 2x Miramar

Rules : PUBG BEAT Invitational™ rules.

Tournament Settings:

Miramar Erangel
2x AR x1.7 AR
1.5x Scopes
1x Ammo 1x Ammo
0x costumes 0x costumes
no redzone no redzone
Circle Settings Circle Settings

Casting, production & admin brought to you by moonduck tv!

Where To Watch:

We hope to see you tune in and see you soon!

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