Season 4 Schedule Released, Simplicity Out, GOATS & Karasuno in.


Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ Season 4 Schedule Released

The Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ Season 4 has released its schedule! We will be following a similar tournament format to Season 3 with a double elimination bracket.

Full schedule here: Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ Schedule

Initial Match ups:

  1. EnVision eSports vs GOATs
  2. Grizzly’s vs Last Night’s Leftovers
  3. NRG vs No Clout
  4. Bye Week vs Karasuno

Simplicity out, karasuno & goats in

Due to a last minute issue, Simplicity will be withdrawing from the Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ Season 4.  Replacing them will be Team Karasuno.  We wish Simplicity the best of luck and hope to see them in future seasons.

Karasuno Overwatch
Karasuno Overwatch

Karasuno is currently one of the top open teams on the path to pro.

The 8th team in the Overwatch BEAT Invitational™ will be team GOATS.

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