FNRGFE & EnVision esports step in for EG & C9, Prize pool raised to $6,000, Overbuff & AMD join as sponsors!

Who’s in.

EnVision esports & FNRGFE will be joining Season 2.  We thank them for joining on short notice and look forward to them playing in the tournament.

Who’s out.

Evil Geniuses 

Due to their recent announcement, team EG will be withdrawing from the BEAT Invitational™ Season 2.    We wish EG and the players the best of luck in their future endeavours


Due to prior commitments, Cloud9 will be withdrawing from the BEAT Invitational™ Season 2.  We wish them luck in their future tournaments & matches.

Prize Pool

BEAT esports has decided to raise the prize pool to $6,000 for the BEAT Invitational™ Season 2.

The break down is as follows :

  1. $3,300 (55%)

2. $1,800 (30%)

3.  $900 (15%)

Schedule / Bracket

Schedule / Bracket will be updated shortly.  Make sure to check it up here

New Sponsors Join

We’re happy to announce the Overbuff & AMD will be joining as sponsors for the BEAT Invitational™ Season 2.


Overbuff is a website dedicated to helping Overwatch players improve their game. You can track your progress on heroes, see what your friends have been playing, and keep tabs on pro players. Like all great gaming resources, Overbuff is built by people who absolutely love the game: Lawliepop  and Camcorder .

Overbuff has been a passion project for a very small team within Elo Entertainment, the company behind Dotabuff and TrackDota.


At AMD, we pioneer technology that frees people to push the limits of what is possible. We design and manufacture graphics cards and microprocessors that power millions of the world’s personal computers, tablets, gaming consoles, embedded devices and cloud servers. Our technology is the brain and the beauty behind the computing devices you use every day and brings your favorite digital experiences to life.

We look forward to the tournament and hope you tune in!

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