Dota 2 BEAT Invitational™ SteelSeries landing page winners announced!

The winners are here! Please claim your prize by March 7th 2016! Winners will be contacted or alternatively can contact us via Twitter or email.





Please check below if you won.  Winners will be contacted by our staff.

Alejandro Lau Abriojo

Colin Ahola

Amith ( Sorry you did not post your full name!

Bradley Arscott

Vincent Laverdiere Blouin

Marc Castillo

Michael Denzler

Jim Fasoline

Andrew Flanary

Jacob A Glantz

Kyle Groat

Matthew Henson

Julius Labao

Laurens lutfiev

Devon Masuga

Hugh McCann

Carl Olsen

James Quartuccio

Fernando Restituto

David Rosselle

Gabrielle Sant’anna

Phil Schalm

Jacob Spies

Cheah Ka Weng

Shu Fu Xiang

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